The school spent 6 months with my daughter trying to get what they needed. Nothing of sexual abuse was ever found during this time. They would not give up. She went to school and wrote on a piece of paper that I had hit all three of my children with a bat. It caused an uproar and they planned to take them that day. Permanent foster homes set up for them before this date. Separating my two kids and not allowing my middle daughter to visit me. The school even called home at lunch to ensure kids were returning back to school so it could be done there and not at home. They never had in the past. This now was just regular C.A.S. Sue Vernon-Smith never even asked me about a bat. Turns out she didn’t ask my son either, before choosing to take them. She did try to say in court papers that I had pushed her into the gate. Well, she didn’t call the cops for assault. I waited for this woman to undo the chain long enough. Moved in and began untangling it to the gate.

In reality the toddler’s plastic bat was hit on the walls of the room. Where all three kids were. To get a cat out of the bedroom that was a clean room for my son’s allergies. My daughter knew this. Like everything else she had been instigating for months trying to leave the house is what I realize shortly after they were gone. She was then smacked on the bum by my hand three times and the other two kids got three smacks too because they laughed at her. This is a very rare event and my middle daughter had never been smacked by me. She was laughing about the whole thing. They actually never took me very seriously when I got angry.

She had planned it for months too. I had told her my ex and I, might be planning on having a baby. Which the C.A.S worker asked about when coming to me wondering why my daughter would ever say such a thing. Was there something I could remember that would make her that angry? My daughter could not stand him at all. Hated him as much as she hated her siblings and myself. Which had her screaming out she was not going to be living with us. She also to this day thinks she was the cause of it all. I know different. She had even written in her journal about her brother. I guess that’s why they accommodated my son being out of the city. His foster mother thought she was keeping him. I know, prior to him arriving thought he would be going to her. She was also looking for signs of sexual abuse in my son. Feeling she got evidence because he acted shy when she entered the bathroom while he was bathing. I told the women I don’t even go in the bathroom when he’s taking a bath. Seemed perfectly normal to me. She also would not allow him to call me, saying he was busy or hadn’t asked her. I find hard to believe. All my son wanted to do was come home. I know she just kept him busy and off the topic. She even shortened one of the calls. She also reported my son only wanted peanut butter and honey for all meals. Reporting this to me as though that’s all he ate or something. I also believe to be one of the names on AOL then most likely Bankersgurl. Her husband was a bank manager. The hacker/harassers made sure my computer completely crashed. I guess to see if I would find it more valuable then my kids. They were sadly mistaken.

My daughter’s foster home was in the city. My son told me where he lived in one of the first visit. I explained to him in the meeting that he really wasn’t suppose to tell me. The worker wondering why we all chose to sit at the table and talk? Wondering why the children were not interested in playing with the toys in the room? ARE YOU FOR REAL???? I already knew where my daughter was. She was in a complex that also housed my mother’s friend and her children. Who told my family right away. My daughter while in care told me she had been sexually assaulted. I told this to my worker who set up a meeting with us and the foster mom. I don’t think that was wise. I feel she should not have been in the meeting at all. I also feel this worker of mine should have told my daughter’s worker and had her talked to by her personally. Not at the house, not anywhere she would feel uncomfortable. They were willing to go all out thinking I was a culprit. This was not the only complaint I placed on this foster parent. To the children’s worker.

Sadly and thankfully. I am not a worker. My daughter would not say who or give any details and remained closed up. To which my worker accused of her lying. I stated I do not think my daughter would ever lie about a thing like this. My daughter did not tell me until she was an adult with her own kids. She recalled in her mind, everyone in the room that day was calling her a liar. The foster mother had two children, brother and sister who were permanent foster kids and one biological daughter 16. The bio daughter had preformed oral on my daughter and the boy in the house. In the basement saying she did this for her friends. I’ve told recent workers in Native Child Services that she was molested in care. They have done nothing. In fact Angela Bowers only said in regards to me saying something about it. Well do you think the grandkids have been molested? She asked for no details and did nothing. Stacy a worker that got along fine with me until Angela told her what was in my file. I know when everything and people change. People can’t hide those things. I had no idea and was wondering what happened when she came to have a cigarette with me? She is a true native worker, more of which is needed there if you ask me. She says she cannot work with us after. She says she can’t be around pedophiles and drug users. I knew the drug thing but this molester thing threw me for a loop. That is exactly what I would have done and said. However I would not have restrained as much as she did. I have an idea about what those files say. THAT IS A CRIME. I also told one of their healing team organizers, for lack of a better word and said they should be sued. To this the woman only responded with. No I don’t think that needs to happen. I hung up really angry. I know the statute of limitations on this. Even now people can be charged.

My daughter wanted to return home badly and the mother heard her crying in the bathtub and admitting she had lied about the bat. That she had messed everything up and just wanted to go home. This was told to my worker and to me by the mother. This I already told the worker two weeks after their abduction. I will never stop calling it that. Where we were on camera and when she walked out I checked my daughters hair for lice ( sent home with it too, much later that turned out to be body lice) because I seen her scratching through the whole meeting. However this worker was wondering why I didn’t hug my daughter and that singing about loving her freckle face was hurting her feelings and to stop calling her names. Like I went around saying it every day.

They would still not release my children. They wanted a psychiatric evaluation done by a child psychologist. Who did no such thing. My daughter went in first and when she came out my worker said. “If its not happening to one child it might be happening to the other.” This I had no idea of why it was being said. I know now it was all to ask them if they were being molested. When my son finally had his appointment he came out. The worker was all distraught and moving jerky and crazy and said well your children can be returned to you now. Only wanting me to be nice and give the woman time for her family to say good bye and his friends he made. I left that up to my son. If it were up to me. With no words I would have scooped him up and left with them that day.

Nothing in my court documents stated sexual abuse given to me 15 mins before the first appearance needed to get a lawyer. Amazingly it never even mentioned the bat that I can remember. It wasn’t in the agreed statement of facts either. The papers were fabricated and easily dismissed by me except for the transcripts. Where I was losing my mind. They were looking back on only small incidents by Catholic C.A.S. Also stated me and my ex beat my daughter about the face and head with a belt. To which my daughter said when I asked her that she never said that at all. They even failed to have in them that my daughter had been in care from five months until a year. Odd, for court papers by C.A.S. They kept it out to confront my daughter with. To make her angry with me. In hopes, of having her tell them she wasn’t molested ? It never happened. I know they were hoping to hear the opposite. In a visit she flipped out, thinking I just gave her up and didn’t love her. The worker when telling her, obviously was playing a game. She did not tell my daughter any of the surrounding circumstances in the file.

I had come home from an alateen meeting to deal with my stepfather’s drinking. He accused me of galivanting around with my daughter and pushed me into a closet while I had her in my arms. I called C.A.S. and told them what was going on and they had to come get her. They said they don’t do that. I said well I’m gonna put her in a stroller and leave her on the corner so you will be getting another call. They then agreed to come get her and had my old teen worker come to the house to take the baby into care. My daughter then shifted her anger to my stepdad.

They arranged for another youth worker I knew from the same time. To come out when I was in the office. I was there to see my children. This was the only time I seen him come out at all. I’m pretty sure he stopped by just to tell me that my old youth worker wasn’t there anymore and was in the Northwest Territories. Yet I’m pretty sure he volunteered to be my son’s worker. Nice Dave real nice. Didn’t even care about my son’s belongings being urinated on. In that crap group home posing as a house. Hating that he wanted to come home. Right after knowing I had moved and coming to visit once. You were not accommodating at all. A house, keeping a native kid so he could use his card for groceries but locking them up. A house where no one can use the bathroom at night. Great job! He ran away from there how many times? Even after coming to my place and being told he can’t do that. Then still leaving again to wonder the streets. I guess it’s cause the home was so great. Not to mention at all the fact no one called or informed me he had runaway. I went to the office to bring a bike for him and was told there. For the record those court dealings did not include that he wanted to be there. He misunderstood my joke at lunch, coming back from school. I told him I wasn’t his mom, to go find his mom and that I didn’t know him. I thought he would return in a few minutes. When he didn’t I went out to go get him but it was gone. He also reported I felt there were cameras watching me and that my food and drinks were being laced. I do not have to at all explain why those feelings cropped up. What was happening that all were well aware of was not in my imagination at all.

I had spent a whole weekend at my parents typing out the response to their original court papers on a typewriter at my mom’s. No one was expecting that. Gave it all to my lawyer Warren Singer of Barry Fox and Associates. The first thing I said to him when entering the office was I want a lie detector test. He said well we don’t get that often around here. They hated that they could not observe me and my reaction and my response in that basement apartment. My C.A.S. worker got him fired and I went to the office to find his name being scrapped off the window. His secretary informing me there was no forwarding address or phone number he could be reached at. She was very angry with me from her expression.

The worker then told me. She had a lawyer for me and this lady, Theivanayaki Mohan of Mohan and Mohan. I had no idea why she said I’ll do this pro bono at the time. I know now they were interested in if I was adamant about suing them. How much I was knowledgeable on it. She was a friend of Warren’s apparently and new him well. I asked if she had my response, she said no. To which I replied I’m not typing all that out again I’ll say it in court.

I find this hard to believe about my response. My worker the whole time only wanted to see what was in them (asking directly for a copy). Only after this did she start calling herself damage control. Telling me that signing an Agreed Statement of Facts (like why wasn’t I focused on the damn title) was not an admission of guilt. Which took out all the parts my partner was in already. That it was only stating why they got involved. I know now that all those points could have been amended to the truth. Dealing with the same paperwork involving my son later. To the lawyer I actually stated they didn’t let me do that the last time.

I never seen the inside of a courtroom the whole time. I also told this lawyer representing C.A.S. that the worker told me off the record she did not believe any of my children were hit with a bat. She dropped in the face at the head of her fancy table. Her pictures in robes (Reminded me of my Law Clerk teacher). Looking at my worker super sternly. My worker looking like she just got caught with her hand in a cookie jar. Frankie Holmes also told me to take myself off the abusers list. The day of the signing. I was like what? I didn’t even know I was on one. I told her, “you put me on it. You take me off it.” Not to mention this lawyer took an awful long time with going and getting it signed with a judge. A lot longer then one would be on an apparent court date or even to make photocopies for that matter. It’s not like I would have any authority to remove myself an abusers list anyway. They apparently according to Frankie Holmes (C.A.S.), worker of mine after Sue Vernon-Smith moved the file along. Were reported to about the bat, is my guess. Now I’m thinking there’s much more. Funny the cops at the school the day of the removal were all talking to themselves and cracking jokes. So I highly doubt they were told I beat my kids with a bat. I would think that would make any cop pretty damn pissed off. Hold on to your hats because this still gets worse.

The agreed statement of facts was signed under SEVERE duress as ONE my kids were being held hostage. TWO the nonsense and harassment and stalking around me and THREE my ex’s scare of cancer. I just could not handle it any longer. Not to mention it was all a bullying tactics preformed by Ms. Holmes to begin with. Trying to avoid being sued.